Committees & Topics

Position Papers will be due on February 1 to Please also CC your respective committee's email address (below).

General Assembly Plenary (GA) - Recommended for novice delegates.
   1. The Safety of Journalists and the Issue of Impunity
   2. Climate-Smart Agriculture
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Executive Committee - Recommended for novice and intermediate delegates.
   1. Refugee Protection and Human Trafficking
   2. Access to Water and Sanitation in Refugee Camps

Human Rights Council - Universal Periodic Review (HRC-UPR) - Recommended for intermediate and experienced delegates.
Note: The Human Rights Council will be simulating the Universal Periodic Review process by reviewing three countries. These three countries will be the "topics" of the committee and should be addressed within HRC-UPR position papers. More information on this will be found in the Explanatory Note and Background Guide. 
   1. South Africa
   2. Myanmar
   3. Australia

Security Council (SC) - Recommended for experienced delegates only.
   1. The Situation in Yemen
   2. Maintenance of international peace and security: Global Epidemics
Note: The Executive Secretariat reserves the right to add one or more additional suggested topics, with their own background materials, should they feel an issue requires the urgent attention of the Security Council.